Atlanta‘s growing reputation as a market entry hub for Israeli companies was highlighted at a recent meeting in Tel Aviv of Israeli binational chambers from around the world, according to Tom Glaser, president of the American-Israel Chamber of Commerce Southeast Inc.

“More than 40 Israeli companies now have headquarters in metro Atlanta,” he said.  “And the binational chambers from other countries were very interested to know how we did that.” 

He cited the high participation of the Atlanta chamber’s members and its frequent, industry-focused matchmaking programs between Southeast and Israeli companies as key factors in the organization’s success.

Israeli firms also continue to seek strategic alliances with Atlanta companies as a first step to establishing a dedicated sales or headquarters operation here, he said.  For the most part, he added, research and development operations remain in Israel.

Mr. Glaser was the only American chamber representative to attend the conference in Tel Aviv.  Other American-Israel chambers are in California, Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Minnesota, New York, Philadelphia and Missouri

While in Israel, Mr. Glaser also attended an economic development conference addressed by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, as well as the ministries of trade and industry and former Foreign Minister Shimon Peres.

Mr. Glaser said that each encouraged continued alliances between Israeli firms and economic partners around the world to take advantage of new technologies being developed in Israel.

The American-Israel Chamber in Atlanta will also host in February a delegation of Israeli companies involved in broadband technology in conjunction with Duluth-based Arris, manufacturer of broadband networking products, and Scientific-Atlanta, Inc.

For additional information, contact Mr. Glaser at (404) 843-9426.