Kurt Eyrich, president of Augusta Millworks, is researching how and where to export his high-end architectural woodwork through ExportGa 2000, an assistance program for Georgia companies that want to initiate or increase international sales.

The program’s second session began last week at the Cobb Chamber of Commerce where Mr. Eyrich and 10 other small companies will research overseas markets and how to sell to their chosen destinations for eight months. At the end of the session, the participants will each visit at least one prospective country.

Mr. Eyrich’s Augusta-based company is open to focusing on many different countries.

“We will look where there are enough consumers with disposable incomes,” he told GlobalFax at a reception at the Cobb chamber. “Right now I am considering the Far East and Europe. And eventually South America and Africa.”

His company custom-makes residential products such as doors and molding and also takes on large commercial projects such as Barnes & Noble Booksellers stores.

A direct order to Japan for custom doors three years ago made Mr. Eyrich consider the possibility of going overseas, he said. He is interested in finding overseas joint venture partners that can install the products that his 12-employee company designs and manufactures.

Mr. Eyrich may also target U.S. retail companies that have expanded overseas for some products.

Companies participating in this year’s ExportGa sell a range of products from small fishing boats to generator transfer switches. The firms are guided by the U.S. Export Assistance Center, the University of Georgia Business Outreach Center and corporate sponsor, the BellSouth Guía Export.

To take part in the program, firms must be well established with at least $1 million annually in revenues, and at least 10 employees.

In 1999, the program resulted in several million dollars in initial international sales for 10 Georgia companies. 

To find out more information on ExportGa, call (706) 542-6805, or fax to (706) 542-6776.

Contact Augusta Millwork at (800) 724-1058, or fax to (706) 724-1140.