Austrian company Scotty Tele-Transport Corp., which made Atlanta its Americas headquarters in part because of the number of Austrian and German companies here, is now looking to work with more U.S. firms, said Tom Galligan, sales and marketing manager, North America.    

The Graz-based company makes portable video conferencing equipment with the technology to work from remote locations such as jungles, oceans and war torn areas. Scotty is interested in working with military, emergency response teams, oil companies, utility companies and cruise lines.    

“We work with companies that have equipment in remote locations such as oil rigs and power lines and would cause expensive or traumatic loses if repairs aren’t made right away,” said Mr. Galligan.

The Scotty Mobile Unit looks like a laptop computer set in a thick plastic briefcase and contains a camera, speaker and a microphone. The unit attaches to a satellite telephone for connectivity  

For conducting Tele-medicine, the unit allows military doctors sent to underdeveloped countries to receive instructions for treatment of illnesses that they cannot identify.

“There are a lot of things that can only be done by video in conjunction audio,” said Mr. Galligan. “A doctor in a remote jungle may not know what to do for a particular rash and be unable to make an emergency evacuation decision. Video conferencing allows the doctor to have this discussion with headquarters.”

Most recently, a Scotty Mobile Unit was used by a team cleaning up Mt. Everest to video-confer with a Swedish television station. In Italy, a unit was connected to underwater camcorders to share the behavior of sharks with Italian television viewers.

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