Sailendra Narain, managing director of the Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIBDI), has invited representatives of Georgia companies to seek guidance from his bank in finding partners and setting up subsidiaries in India.

      Dr. Narain, who participated in a mid-February trade mission to Atlanta of more than 20 Indian businessmen and women, also is chairman of the bank’s venture capital fund that was set up last year.  The 10-year-old SIBDI is ranked 23 out of the top 50 of the world’s development banks by the Bank of London.

      “The basic objective of our bank is to help entrepreneurs in India,” he told GlobalFax during an interview. His venture fund, he added, is particularly aimed at Indian technology companies that wish to internationalize.

“But if Georgia companies would like to set up development centers in India, they can find a friend and partner in the SIBDI,” he also said.  Even representatives of Georgia companies seeking to develop subsidiaries in India should come to the SIBDI for “basic information and technical input.”

His primary motivation for participating in the delegation, he said, was to “ensure that a few collaborative programs between India and Georgia develop.”  He specifically cited the possibility of joint incubation centers that would work together to develop products for commercial use.

Dr. Narain also underscored the back-office capabilities of Indian companies for U.S. partners in the biotechnology, information technology, pharmaceutical and food processing sectors.

For more information, he may be reached by e-mail at  His office in Lucknow, India, may be reached by calling +91 522 209529. To learn more about the Atlanta visit, call the hotline of the Indian Professionals Network at (770) 394-5414.