British Consul General Jeremy Pilmore-Bedford and Renee Whitley, head of politics, press and public affairs at the British consulate general, were on hand for the reception of the Hobbs London lines.

Editor’s note: Reporting for this article contributed by Obinna Morton

Atlantans who like the looks of Kate Middleton, the duchess of Cambridge, now have no further to go than Bloomingdale’s at Lenox Square in Buckhead to acquire yet another of her favorite fashion lines.

Jeremy Pilmore-Bedford, the Atlanta-based British consul general, welcomed on Aug. 13 the 2015 autumn and winter collection of Hobbs London, reportedly one of the duchess’ favorites.

The fashion magazine Marie Claire recently portrayed Kate wearing the outfits of 27 different designers, saying that they had photos of her wearing the Hobbs’s Wessex dress three times.

“Proper fashion critics call that ‘recycling’, but we’re just going to go ahead and assume that she’s ‘wearing her own, actual clothes’,” the photo caption reads.

The magazine went on to say that “getting Duchess Kate’s seal of approval is the ultimate honour for any fashion brand…”

The Hobbs brand, which was founded in 1981 in Hampstead London, is known for its understated flair and unique English sense of style.

The consul general thinks that the brand will be well accepted here. “Obviously we hope that a brand like Hobbs does really well in Atlanta and I’m sure it will because in my mind I think of Hobbs as chic,” he told Global Atlanta.

“I think that that goes with Atlanta, particularly with the Buckhead part of Atlanta. So I think it’s a great brand to bring here.”

Hobbs London s the newest addition to Bloomingdale’s long list of English brands including Links of London, Joe Malone, Burberry, Phase 8, All Saints, Ted Baker and Jo Malone — some of which also are Kate favorites.