Book: Wired for Disruption: The Five Shifts in Agility to Lead in the Future of Work

Author: Henna Inam

Review by: Soumaya Khalifa, president, Khalifa Consulting and founder of the Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta

Soumaya Khalifa

In our lifetime, 2020 will be remembered as a year of severe disruption on the personal, health, work and global levels. Disruption is very difficult, but it’s also full of opportunities for leaders.  

Wired for Disruption provides a framework outlining five big challenges in leading in such times, along with five shifts in agility needed to evolve and grow.  

Among the challenges are seeing a crisis as a threat to survival, which causes adaptations that lower our level of cognition; increased burnout; failing to see the new reality clearly; and lacking the skills to influence one’s network.  

Agile shifts that provide an antidote to these challenges include accelerating our neural state to become more adaptable; changing our learning style in the face of new realities; developing just-in-time trust with diverse, fluid teams; influencing multiple stakeholders; and the ability to grow ourselves and others to accelerate a future-ready workforce. 

The book offers tangible tools to helps leaders and teams turn times of disruption into opportunities for reaching their true potential. It is further bolstered by an interactive website and podcasts to continue the conversation.   

Our new norms will never return to what they were before 2020. Here’s to Wired for Disruption and fostering effective, creative ways of leading for the future.

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