France’s Bordeaux region has moved its North American offices from New York to One Piedmont Center in Buckhead.

      The region is represented by Germetz International Inc., a consulting firm founded in 1990 by AndrÈ Metzger, which assists North American companies in their strategic European ventures.

      Claire Hunter, who formerly was a marketing manager of the Lorraine Development Corp. in Atlanta, will represent the region here.  Mr. Metzger, who besides heading his consulting firm is president of the Bordeaux Region Agency U.S.A., will divide his time between Atlanta and France.

      Mrs. Hunder told GlobalFax that the move would strengthen the relations between Georgia Tech and the region which already are quite extensive because of cooperative projects in bio-technology.

      Bordeaux is the leading city in southwestern France because of its location on the Atlantic coast and its similar to Atlanta in that it is a transportation center.

     The area has an international airport, which services 21 major cities outside of France, the Bordeaux Freight Center, which caters to all forms of transportation including road, rail and sea, and a major maritime port on the Atlantic seaboard.

     Its surrounding area also has a diversified industrial base composed of chemical, paper, automotive and aerospace manufacturing and high tech companies.  North American companies already established in the area include Bristol Myers Squibb, Cargill, Ford, IBM, I.C.E., Labatt, Motorola, Seagram and Solectron.

      Mrs. Hunter said that local chambers of commerce, development agencies and companies interested in European markets should contact her to learn more about the office’s services.

      For more information, please call (404) 869-2630; fax, (404) 812-9800.