An expert from CDC Software Inc., which has its North American office in Atlanta, made a presentation at the recent International Food Safety & Quality Conference in Beijing.

Beth Berndt, director of industry solutions at CDC Software, talked about helping companies use software to keep food records and maintain safety standards in a cost-effective way.

Ross Enterprise Inc., which is based in Atlanta under the name Ross Systems Inc. before being acquired by CDC Software in 2004, is CDC’s suite of applications for the food and beverage industry.

With China coming under fire in the past few months for its inability to meet international safety standards in a variety of different manufacturing sectors, the Chinese government adopted stricter food safety regulations at the end of August.

Ross Enterprise’s services are “expected to help China-based food processors in their quest to demonstrate product safety and compliance with the new regulations,” according to a press release.

The conference was widely attended by Chinese government officials as well as officials from the United States Food and Drug Administration.