A two-week trip to Asia a month ago convinced Aubrey C. Daniels, an Atlanta-based management consultant, of the opportunities for his services in China. But he remains unwilling to take the leap into China now at the risk of losing rights to training modules that have taken him years to develop.

“The absence of copyright protection especially bothered me,” he told GlobalFax during a telephone interview last week, “because just as soon as I sold one of my management CDs, I would be out of business.”

Yet, he added that he could not help but notice the need for his company’s services among China’s middle managers, who are having trouble coping with changes brought about by its 8% annual growth rate.

Dr. Daniels is the founder and CEO of Aubrey C. Daniels & Associates, which specializes in applied behavior analysis.  He participated in the trip to China, Hong Kong and Singapore with some 40 other business owners and senior executives, who are members of the Society of International Business Fellows.

He said that the consensus of the participants in the trip was that it would be premature to invest in China now, even though several of them already were selling their products there.

He also said that the countries they visited were “weathering the storm” of Asia’s financial crisis, and that the amount of construction taking place in Beijing and Shanghai had made a great impression on the entire group.

Dr. Daniels also was impressed by Singapore’s commitment to wiring all its homes with broadband capabilities enabling on-line learning over the Internet.

Hong Kong, however, is “still where the action is and the best place to be” because of its direct access into China and its accessibility to other Asian locations,” he said.

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