A delegation from Nanjing, China, will be attending an agribusiness forum at the Atlanta City Hall Auditorium, 55 Trinity Street, on Tuesday, Sept. 16, from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

      The 10-person delegation includes Sheng Jinlong, deputy mayor of Nanjing, and representatives of the city’s economic development, agricultural and forest, and science and technology exchange departments.

      Representatives from the agricultural finance division of the municipal finance bureau, a cooperative bank and the Nanjing Hushu Duck Group Corp. also will be in the delegation.

      Nanjing is located on the Yangtse River in Jiangsu Province and is China’s largest inland port.

      The forum is cosponsored by the City of Atlanta, AGCO and the Ivan Allen College of Georgia Tech’s China-U.S. Professional Exchange Program.

      The forum is free and open to the public as long as registrations are received by Monday, Sept. 15.  To register, call the Mayor’s Office at (404) 330-6746.