The visit of Zhibang Jia, vice governor of Shaanxi Province in China, to Atlanta Sept. 4-5 was canceled so that Mr. Jia could attend the 15th national congress of the Chinese Communist Party.  He now is scheduled to lead a delegation of officials from Shaanxi to Atlanta on Sept. 26-27.

      Mr. Jia had to postpone his visit at the last minute when the congress was rescheduled.  The congress is to draw up a strategic blueprint for the development of the country’s economic and political reforms.

      He was encouraged to visit Atlanta by Lijian Lin, president and CEO of the Norcross-based Sino-U.S. Commercial Group, during a visit to Shaanxi’s capital, Xian, in May.

      Mr. Jin proposed that the Shaanxi officials consider investments in the Southeast U.S. while promoting their province for U.S. investment.

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