ChoicePoint Inc., an Alpharetta-based firm that provides online and on-demand background information about companies for due diligence purposes, has launched its international division to help U.S. companies minimize their risk in overseas ventures.

ChoicePoint provides information about companies’ credit histories, owners and officers, public record filings, assets, company affiliations and other relevant information to complete detailed company profiles.

Asia is ChoicePoint’s first international focus, where they utilize a business profile database of more than 1.5 million Asian corporations. The firm also offers information on companies in other parts of the world through localized information providers, said Marco Piovesan, ChoicePoint’s vice president.

“U.S. companies can benefit from this information when doing international business by thoroughly investigating who they are buying from and selling to, who they are merging with or acquiring and who they are financing,” he told GlobalFax in an interview.

“U.S. companies increasingly need to satisfy their shareholders’ interests in knowing that foreign partners are going to uphold their end of the deal,” asserted James Lee, ChoicePoint’s chief marketing officer, in a separate interview.

Mr. Lee encouraged Atlanta companies to do regular due diligence on their foreign partners throughout a business relationship because companies’ regulations, management and operations change over time. “Re-checks on international partners are a must, especially in emerging markets, to make sure the terms under which you began the relationship are still in place,” he said.

He added that information privacy regulations are currently changing in the European Union, for example, so certain information about company executives that was not previously disclosed may now be available.

ChoicePoint can provide complete company reports within seven to 10 business days for firms not already in its online database. Existing reports are immediately available online for subscribers to the company’s services.

Visit or or contact Mr. Piovesan at (770) 752-5736 for more information.