The Coca-Cola Co. launched a global anti-obesity campaign May 8 by announcing its commitment to contribute to healthier and more active communities.

“Obesity is today’s most challenging health issue, affecting nearly every family and community across the globe,” Muhtar Kent, Coca-Cola’s chairman and CEO, said in a news release.

Mr. Kent made the announcement during a commemoration ceremony of the company’s 127th anniversary.

He said that the company’s commitment would apply to all 200 countries in which it does business and entails:

 1)  offering low- or no- calorie beverage options in every market;

2)  providing transparent nutrition information, featuring calories on the front of all of its packages;

3)  helping get people moving by supporting physical activity programs in every country in which it does business;

4)  marketing responsibly, including no advertising to children 12 anywhere in the world.

The release also described the company’s policies including product and packaging innovations including smaller portion sizes or mini-cans now available in the U.S., Australia, Canada, Korea and Thailand.

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