Comdex/Spring’s exhibition in Atlanta, the East Coast’s main computer trade show drew some 100,000 attendees, including representatives from 105 countries.

 Among exhibitors from outside the U.S. attending the show for the first time were the Irish Trade Board and India’s Department of Electronics.

 Anne Fitzpatrick, manager of electronic and software products at the Irish board in New York underscored her country’s importance as a base of manufacturing, marketing and research operations for U.S. companies serving European and world markets.  As examples of U.S. companies already using Ireland as a production base for their projects, she cited Apple Computer, Dell, Microsoft, IBM and DEC.

India’s Department of Electronics also touted its homeland as a site for off-shore development and manufacturing, and it cited the following companies which have either set up operations there or are already affiliated with Indian companies:  IBM, Digital, Hewlett-Packard, Unisys, Texas Instruments, Motorola, Hughes Networks, Siemens, Citicorp, Alcatel, Bell and Novell.

Canada’s Office of Foreign Affairs and International Trade had a significant presence at the show and handed out its CD-ROM “Trade Show in a Pocket” which offered 1,000 promotional pieces on Canadian companies.

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