Cirronet Inc., a developer of innovative wireless data networking and communications products, and MYCELX Technologies Corp., a manufacturer of compounds and filters that remove hydrocarbons from air and water, received export achievement awards last week from the U.S. Commerce Department.

Neal Burnham, deputy assistant secretary of commerce at the department’s U.S. Commercial Service, traveled to Georgia from Washington to tour the offices of both companies and present the awards.

The awards are given to companies that enter foreign markets with the assistance of the department’s U.S. Export Assistance Centers and its more than 150 offices overseas.

Cirronet received its award for exporting WaveBolt, its wireless Internet access system that is being used in Iraq by both residential and corporate customers.

Internet cafes, universities, government institutions and small businesses are among the corporate clients, while the residential users mainly comprise students who rely on WaveBolt for Internet applications including e-mail, Internet browsing, instant messaging and Voice over IP.

The company develops innovative wireless data networking and communications products for industrial, original equipment manufacturer and Internet access markets. Cirronet products are certified by the Federal Communications Commission, Underwriters Laboratories Inc. and Consultants Europe.

MYCELX Technologies, which is based in Gainesville, has developed compounds that remove from air and water hydrocarbons such as fuels, crude oil, chlorinated solvents, pesticides and many others.

With the assistance of the Atlanta U.S. Export Assistance Center, the company has exported its products to 22 countries in the past three years.

To learn more about MYCELX, go to Cirronet’s Web site may be found at Visit or call for the office of the Atlanta U.S. Export Assistance Center at (404) 657-1965.