A senator from the Czech Republic is to discuss his political career fighting corruption at home as a guest of the Chick-fil-A Foundation‘s speakers series on Monday, Aug. 31.

Libor Michálek is to describe his unlikely rise to power in the Czech parliament after serving as a whistleblower about corrupt practices in a Czech ministry.

The foundation’s speakers series typically feature business or community leaders seeking to strengthen their ties with Atlanta. Last year, the foundation invited Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez, who presented his country in a positive light due to its improving economy..

As director of the Czech State Environmental Fund, Mr. Michálek famously blew the whistle on a corrupt deal for a water treatment plant in Prague led by the country’s Environmental Ministry. His efforts were only later rewarded after losing his job and enduring an intense period of threats and hostility.

“He took a big risk and held to his own values and it cost him,” Artie Sposaro, a marketing consultant at Chick-fil-A who initiated the event after meeting the Czech senator.

“He likes Chick-fil-A and wants learn from us,” added Mr. Sposaro, who said that the senator first learned about the company’s “leadership culture” during a visit last year.

Mr. Sposaro is to interview Mr. Michálek for the speaker series and hopes that the underlying drama of the story emerges as the senator relays his extraordinary path into politics.

Attendance at the event to be held at Chick-fil-A headquarters is free and open to the public, but registrations are required. To register, click here.