In an unusual effort to increase its exposure in the Southeast U.S. one of the Dominican Republic’s three political parties has named an Atlanta resident as its regional representative here.

     Ralph Guzman, an information technology consultant with Atlanta-based Focus Enterprises, has been named the official Southeast U.S. representative of the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD).

      Mr. Guzman told GlobalFax last week that several Gallup polls have ranked the PRD’s presidential candidate, Hipolito Mejia, as the leading candidate in the elections, which are to be held in the Dominican Republic in May.

Mr. Mejia was agricultural minister from 1978-82 during the administration of Antonio Guzman, a second cousin of Ralph Guzman.

      According to Mr. Guzman, Mr. Mejia’s political platform emphasizes development programs for the Dominican Republic’s agricultural sector, which has been neglected under the current administration.  Educational reforms also are to be emphasized, he added.

In addition, he said that Mr. Mejia is to support the country’s rapidly developing high-tech sector and the creation of a new “cyber park” that is to open this year in Santo Domingo, the capital.

      Mr. Mejia, he said, will be seeking to involve Dominicans living outside of the country in the republic’s economic development and will be visiting the U.S. in March.

Mr. Guzman encouraged Atlanta residents to contact him should they be interested in arranging a visit here for Mr. Mejia.

He may be reached by calling (404) 321-5400; fax, (404) 321-0909 or send an e-mail to