Representatives from a variety of agricultural and pharmaceutical companies based in the Dutch province of Flevoland are to be in Atlanta and the Southeast May 12-14.  Officials from the province and its largest city, Almere, will accompany the delegation in hopes of meeting with local companies considering investments in Europe.

Ryan Barras, manger of the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce’s Atlanta office, told GlobalFax last week that the trade mission includes companies looking to sell products here as well as to buy local products for resale in the European and Dutch markets.

Products that will be sold to Atlanta buyers include dried vegetables, fresh fish such a turbot and Dover sole, color pastes for industrial paints and coatings, fittings and accessories for curtains and wall-to-wall carpets and ultra-light weight and strong carbon fiber wheels for bicycles.

Mr. Barras said that the sales and logistics firm, Phaff Export Marketing, is specifically looking for U.S. sellers and manufacturers of agricultural and food products interested in expanding to Europe.

Artu Biologicals, a pharmaceutical firm, is seeking partners to identify innovative pharmaceutical products manufactured here.  It also is looking for partners interested in importing its products including its diagnostic and therapeutic products for the allergy market, its veterinary products and its medical devices and food supplements.

Fisher Farma, another pharmaceutical firm that supplies Dutch and Belgian hospitals and pharmacies with a range of medical aids for handicapped and elderly people, is looking for suppliers and exporters of similar products here. The company also would like to meet with potential importers  of a high-grade silicone oil used during plastic surgery.

For more information, Mr. Barras may be reached by calling (770) 933-9044; fax, (770) 933-9644.