The decreasing effectiveness of traditional antibiotics against new, resistant forms of viruses has fueled the growth of metro-Atlanta-based Serologicals Corp., a provider of specialty human antibody products and services, said Harold Tenoso, the chief executive officer of the company, in a speech to members of the Georgia Biomedical Partnership at the JW Marriott at Lenox on Dec. 13.

Serologicals’ facilities in the U.S., Scotland and Norway provide products for the treatment and management of rabies, hepatitis and Rh incompatibility in newborns, and for use in diagnostic products such as blood typing reagents and diagnostic test kits.

The company sells its products to healthcare businesses in the U.S., Europe, the Far East and the Pacific Rim.  It’s customers include Germany-based Bayer Corp., Abbott Laboratories of Chicago and Pharmacia AB of Sweden.

Location and a strong healthcare and scientific community were the reasons for Serologicals Corp.’s May, 1994 move to Atlanta, where the company already had a lab and donor site.

For more information about Serologicals, call Doug Knowles at (404) 296-5595.  Channing Mercer of the Biomedical Partnership may be reached at (404) 817-5919.

                                                                        by Briana Pehlman