Atlanta has a new honorary consul of Ecuador, Patricia Boezio, founder of Abaco Mortgage Group here, who is ready to assist local companies to make business contacts in Ecuador.

          “We want to offer representation to support Atlanta businesses in our country. We want to be a link between Georgia and Ecuador,” Ms. Boezio told GlobalFax in an interview last week. “Companies here have good support from the consulates in Miami and Washington, but they need local support as well.”

          Ms. Boezio said there are about 2,000 Ecuadorian families in Georgia. The consul is compiling a database of all Ecuadorians living in Georgia and hopes to start a consular newspaper to report on news pertaining to the local Ecuadorian community.

          She said that Ecuador’s adoption of the dollar as its legal currency a year and a half ago has boosted the country’s economy and makes for easier trade with the U.S.

          While tourism is one of the country’s largest industries, especially with the Galapagos Islands nearby, Ecuador’s major export industries are flowers, bananas and shrimp.

          Several major Georgia companies have operations in Ecuador, including Crowne Plaza Hotel and UPS.

Ms. Boezio was previously the president of the Ecuadorian Association, a social group in Atlanta. She moved here seven years ago from Guayaquil, Ecuador.

          Contact Ms. Boezio at (404) 252-2211, fax (404) 252-8580 or email