Norcross-based EMS Technologies Inc. has appointed Neil A. Mackay, the company’s president and CEO, to its board of directors while the company is being pursued as a target for either a merger or acquisition.

Prior to becoming CEO in 2009, Dr. MacKay served as the company’s chief operating officer and earlier as executive vice president of strategy.

According to a company release, he has led the company’s focus on mobile connectivity for aviation and global resource management.

“There is a convergence of technologies happening in our mobile connectivity markets, and it is creating significant opportunities for us,” he said in the release. “I believe that EMS is in the right place, at the right time, with the right stuff, to take advantage of the resulting opportunities.”

Bloomberg news has reported that EMS has resisted takeover efforts and that its stand-alone plan calls for the company to merge its aviation, space and defense divisions into one unit.

EMS Technologies provides wireless connectivity solutions over satellite and terrestrial networks.

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