An Atlantan who helps financial professionals understand their clients’ decisions has reached a deal to represent an Australian firm in the U.S.

Tyler Nunnally, founder of Upside RISK, is one of two American consultants tapped by Sydney-based FinaMetrica‘s to sell its software to financial advisers. The other, Robert Roche, founder of APL Consultants, is based in California.

FinaMetrica has some users in the U.S. but has never had “boots on the ground” before, Mr. Nunnally told GlobalAtlanta.

The company’s software tool is aimed at financial advisers who need to get to know their clients better. This is especially important after the 2009 recession, when a market crash was for many investors compounded by their advisers’ poor decisions, Mr. Nunnally said.

“The use of this assessment gives the financial adviser a much clearer picture of (clients’) actual risk tolerances as opposed to their expressed risk tolerances, which is a big difference,” he said.

FinaMetrica’s online survey records responses and generates a scientific profile of by comparing answers to those of other respondents. More than 500,000 people have used the software so far, Mr. Nunnally said.

Mr. Nunnally, who specializes in behavioral finance, worked on such issues at Oxford University and commercialized a similar tool created there.

Upside RISK, his company, also has a tool called the Judgment Risk Indicator, which looks at how well people can overcome the psychological biases that cause them to poorly assess risk.

A graduate of the University of Georgia, Mr. Nunnally returned to the U.S. in 2007 after a decade-long stint in Europe, where he managed a Czechbusiness that exported Bohemian crystal to the U.S. He also went toScotland to earn his master’s in international business from the University of St. Andrews. Read more about his journey here: Atlanta Entrepreneur with Czech Experience Seeks New Opportunity

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