Atlanta entrepreneur Brad Fallon would normally be in China this month teaching American businesspeople how to import goods from that country to the United States. But this April he will stay in Atlanta to launch a business-oriented video Web site instead.

Mr. Fallon and Andy Jenkins, also an e-commerce entrepreneur, are to launch FreeiQ, a YouTube-like video-sharing site that will collect Web-based videos, powerpoints and audio interviews on business development.

The site will be both free and fee-based, depending on how contributors want their information shared, said Mr. Fallon, who helped grow his first Internet company,, by sourcing goods from China.

In an interview with GlobalAtlanta at his office in Norcross, Mr. Fallon said that he anticipates companies producing any type of business “how-to” information to post some of their products for free viewing on the site, because that can help the company generate more interest in its other fee-based products.

“Giving away more free content creates a greater demand for your products,” Mr. Fallon said- something he learned while developing e-business learning tools with Mr. Jenkins.

Prior to developing FreeiQ, Mr. Fallon and Mr. Jenkins collaborated to teach emerging entrepreneurs how to grow their companies on the Internet.

The two businessmen, who had both started their own successful Internet-based businesses, collaborated to create “Stomping the Search Engines,” a do-it-at-home instructional course on how to get a Web-based company ranked high on Internet search engines so that it can quickly grow its customer base.

The courses later evolved into a six-month instructional course known as StomperNet, that features live contact with other students online, training sessions, Web-based seminars, software and four in-person events.

After launching StomperNet in October, which sold out within the first 12 hours, Mr. Fallon and Mr. Jenkins held their first in-person conference for the program in November. More than 600 people from all over the world came to Midtown Atlanta to attend, Mr. Fallon said.

Both Mr. Fallon and Mr. Jenkins are considered ecommerce experts.

Mr. Jenkins has more than 40 online businesses and co-authored “Online Store Profits,” which helped Mr. Fallon get his and his wife Jennifer’s home-based Internet business up and running in January 2004.

With a background in “search engine optimization,” which links a company’s Web site to a number of other Web sites so that it will be ranked higher on search engines, Mr. Fallon was able to help his wife grow to become, he said, a $32 million company by 2006.

After making more than $1 million in sales of wedding favor gifts in their first year, the Fallons launched their own wholesale venture called Kate Aspen Design Inc. and began designing their own wedding gifts.

They also partnered with Atlanta-based Chinese couple D.J. Meng and Shirley Wang, who helped them get Kate Aspen wedding favor products manufactured in China.

Now, Mr. Fallon, his wife and his Chinese business partners have led three business trips to China in which they teach emerging American importers how to get their products made in China. They also attend the Canton Fair, or the Chinese Export Commodities Fair, which is one of China’s largest trade fairs, held two-times a year in Guangzhou, China.

Mrs. Fallon and Ms. Wang will continue to lead the trip this year, which costs businesspeople some $15,000 for one week, but Mr. Fallon will stay in Atlanta to prepare for what he and Mr. Jenkins expect to be a success.

“Video is obviously all the rage on the Internet right now,” said Mr. Jenkins. “We want this to be the world’s best collection of videos and audios on business development.”

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