In view of the extensive investment by European companies in Georgia, the University System was correct to apply for one of the prestigious European Union Centers, Hugo Paemen, the EU’s ambassador to the United States, told GlobalFax during an interview Nov. 4.

      He said that European companies have invested as much as $15 million in Georgia and that about 120,000 mostly high-paying jobs in Georgia depend on trade with Europe or European investment in the state, he said

      He also said that he felt that the center’s activities should not be entirely academic.  It is explicitly foreseen that this should go beyond purely academic activities, he underscored. There should be an outreach to the community.

As part of their mandate, the centers are to involve local businesses, chambers of commerce, world affairs councils and other groups in their activities promoting greater knowledge of the EU.

      He cited divergent attitudes about the privacy of personal data as an example of an issue that would require further examination on both sides of the Atlantic. 

      Mr. Paemen was in Atlanta to attend inauguration ceremonies for the center held at the Georgia Center for Advanced Telecommunications.  The center is housed at the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs at Georgia Tech, but its activities are to involve all the institutions in the University System.

      To learn more about the center and its activities, call Valerie Polevoy at (404) 385-0600.