Three upcoming events will provide insight into the future of the European Union (EU): an EU integration lecture at Morehouse College on March 28, the University System of Georgia European Union Center’s “Future of Transatlantic Relations” conference March 29 and the Summit on Europe on April 6.

          The EU Center conference on transatlantic relations will feature Jacques Delors, former president of the European Commission, and Guenther Burghardt, EU ambassador to the U.S. It is a culmination of a series of seminars held in Bonn, Brussels, London, Paris and The Hague to set an agenda for the EU to include citizens in decision making.

Mr. Delors’ lecture at Morehouse will assess the achievements of the European Community and EU integration and relations with the U.S. His visit is part of a speaking tour sponsored by the European Commission Delegation, a policy initiative source for the EU.

          The Summit on Europe, sponsored by the Southern Center for International Studies (SCIS) and the state of Georgia, will bring together former heads of state from throughout Europe for a roundtable discussion at Oglethorpe University.

The summit will feature a taped, televised discussion among Carl Bidlt, former prime minister of Sweden; Kim Campbell, former prime minister of Canada; Lawrence Eagleburger, former U.S. secretary of state; Eldon Griffiths, former chairman of the Polish, German and Iranian sub-committees for the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee; Alexander Haig, former U.S. secretary of state under President Reagan; Klaus Naumann, former chairman of the North Atlantic Military Committee and Andrzej Olechowski, former Polish minister of foreign affairs.

          “There are some very pertinent and critical issues in Europe at this time,” Cedric Suzman, vice president of the SCIS told GlobalFax. “Particularly the issues of the euro currency and EU expansion from a business point of view, as well as trade and cultural issues that have serious business implications.”       

For more information on the EU Center conference, see or write to For the Morehouse event, contact Toni Mosley at (404) 215-2680. For the Summit on Europe, contact Kyle Keyser at (404) 261-5763 or