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ART EXHIBITION, by the French Artist Guylaine Conquet “From embarrassment to pride”

September 22 at 5:30 pm 8:30 pm

1062 Johnson Ferry Rd #150
Marietta, Georgia 30068 United States

Get ready to immerse yourself in a mind-blowing ART EXHIBITION, by the French Artist Guylaine Conquet “From embarrassment to pride”.

Artist Guylaine Conquet’s upcoming exhibition delves into the intricate history of black hair, intimately intertwined with her personal journey of transitioning to natural hair. At the heart of her artistic narrative lies a message of self-esteem cultivated through knowledge and understanding. The exhibition, poised to make a resounding impact, not only celebrates the beauty and significance of natural hair but also resonates with the pressing need for change.

This artistic showcase serves as a robust platform to spotlight her bill against hair discrimination currently under scrutiny at the French Parliament. With the potential to enact transformative legislative measures, the exhibition aligns harmoniously with the cause, lending its influence to the ongoing fight against discrimination rooted in hair texture and style.

In a world where art wields the profound ability to stir societal transformations, Guylaine Conquet emerges as an embodiment of inspirational artistic activism. As the exhibition’s curtain rises, Conquet’s work not only exemplifies her personal journey but also becomes a conduit for larger conversations surrounding identity, acceptance, and the imperative pursuit of equitable norms.