Cuba is undergoing a second colonization by Spain, Alina Fernandez, Fidel Castro’s daughter said during a lecture at Georgia State University this week.

“Castro has put up a ‘For Sale’ sign,” she said, adding that her father had no interest in giving up personal control over the country.  “Foreign investors do so at their own risk,” including Spanish investors who are among the largest investors in Cuba.

The collapse of the Soviet Union has left the country in devastation, she added, saying that her father erroneously blames the U.S. Cuban embargo for the country’s economic plight.

“Since Russia has fallen, a strong source of economic support for Cuba has now disappeared,” she said.  “Cuba is feeling all of these changes lately.  People are at the level of eating cats.  Cat meat is actually desirable at the moment.  One no longer knows what normal life is.”

She also said that her father had isolated Cuba from other countries in the Caribbean, and that his government has “conditioned its citizens into thinking of the country as not a part of the Caribbean community.”

Ms. Fernandez lives in Columbus, Ga. where she has settled since gaining political asylum in the U.S. last December.