World of Reading Ltd. Cindy Tracy’s avocation, has expanded its offering of foreign language children’s books to include foreign language software programs.

Ms. Tracy, who is a marketing executive for Wansley Moving & Storage Co., started the small distribution company which sells children’s books to parents and teachers four years ago. 

The current outpouring of language learning software prompted her to investigate the offerings.  She reports that Language Discovery, Triple Play Plus and Video Linguist, all on CD-ROM, are the most popular titles among her clients.

“These programs have been well received by foreign language teachers who seek ways to make learning a foreign language more interesting,” she said.  Ms. Tracy is a member of the Georgia Department of Education’s International Education Advisory Council which wants every student in the state to be proficient in more than one language upon high school graduation.

For more information or to obtain the company’s catalogue, call World of Reading Ltd. at (800) 729-3703 or send a fax to (404) 233-4042.