Six Atlanta-based international business consultants are forming a partnership to provide a wide range of trade services from a centralized source that will assist companies from abroad enter the Southeast and help U.S. companies find overseas markets.

“There is an incredible amount of fragmentation in Atlanta when it comes to providing international business advice,” James Munson, a member of the board of directors of the World Trade Center Atlanta and a relocation specialist, told GlobalAtlanta last week.

In an effort to provide what he called “a full suite of services,” Mr. Munson is in the process of forming the Gateway Group with Madinah Ali, a project manager; Bruce Meyer, a strategic marketer; Daniel Graff-Radford, an information technology executive; Karen Weinstock, an immigration attorney and Janet Walsh, a human resources consultant.

As a group they will offer business and marketing plans, legal advice, expertise in the movement of people and products, start up services, visa and immigration services, seed capital sourcing plans, project management, business-focused human resource evaluations and services.

Ms. Walsh, who is also a board member of the World Trade Center Atlanta, said that foreign companies seeking to enter the region would benefit from the group’s expertise in making reliable local contacts and from its advice on competitive practices.

Mr. Munson said that the group also would leverage its Atlanta-based expertise to reach out to the Southeast as whole.

“Atlanta is no longer competing with Huntsville, Ala., or Greenville, S.C.,” he said. “Atlanta’s competitors are New York and Chicago and we are ready to serve companies in the Southeast looking for new markets abroad or for foreign companies looking to enter this region.”

The group also is to work closely with the local chambers of commerce, the state and federal government resources and the foreign trade and consular offices in Atlanta to assist its clients.

For more information, call Mr. Munson at (404) 403-5837 or send an email to Ms. Walsh may be reached at (770) 590-8338 by phone or send an email to