Marisol Wesson and Ed Arias, Atlanta professionals experienced in developing businesses in Latin America, announced last week the creation of 4N Biz Inc., a company that will help U.S. businesses regionalize their Web site content for the Latin American market.

“Major corporations have global sites already, but medium- and small-size companies that want a presence in Latin America, that want feedback and a close relationship with their customers, need to regionalize their Web site content,” Ms. Wesson told GlobalFax last week

4N Biz is aimed at both companies that want to sell to the Latin American market without having to create a presence in another country, and at those that would like to locate to Latin America but want to “test the waters before jumping in,” she said.

With 10% to 15% of the 500 million Latin American population on line, and growing at a rate higher than that of North America, she said, “it only depends on how quickly barriers to technology can be removed for the market to catch up with ours.”

There are now six major Internet providers in Latin America including Star Media, based in New York with offices in major Latin American cities, and UOL, a Brazilian subsidiary of America Online (AOL), based in Sao Paulo.

For more information on 4NBiz, you may call Ms. Wesson at (770) 419-9321.