The Belgian Chamber of the South is hosting a reception for Wim Van Cauteren tonight, Sept. 5.
Wim Van Cauteren

Wim Van Cauteren, the trade commissioner in Atlanta for the Belgian region of Flanders, will soon head south to a new locale Sept. 15: Mexico City.

Mr. Van Cauteren will transition from a role with Flanders Investment and Trade, which works directly for the Flemish regional government, to trade commissioner for Flanders and Brussels at the Belgian embassy in Mexico.  

The Belgian American Chamber of the South and FIT are hosting a reception for Mr. Van Cauteren the evening of Tuesday, Sept. 5.

According to the Belgian consulate in Atlanta, it’s unknown who will succeed Mr. Van Cauteren in the role. 

“We thank Wim Van Cauteren for his excellent cooperation and wish him all the best for his new assignment,” the consulate said in a statement.

The announcement comes after the Wallonia Export and Investment Agency, affiliated with the French-speaking Wallonia region of the country, shut the doors of its Atlanta office on Jan. 1. AWEX, as the agency is known, gave responsibility for the Atlanta region to its Houston office.

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