Neil Sutherland, director of communications for the British American Business Group (BABG) in Atlanta and a local realtor, has notified GlobalFax that his personal Internet Web site launched only two months ago already has drawn some interesting requests.

Foremost among these, he said, is the notice of an American living in New Zealand, who is trying to sell a wine bar for $150,000 on Waiheke Island in the middle of the America’s Cup defense course.  The America’s Cup is to be held in the fall of 1999 and into the millennium just off shore from Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city.

“So we have a former New Zealand resident (Mr. Sutherland himself) now living in Atlanta acting as an agent in the U.S.A. for an American trying to sell property in New Zealand,” he said.  “I couldn’t have achieved this with my Royal manual typewriter.”

For more information, he may be reached by sending an E-mail to or by calling (770) 992-1224; fax, (770) 640-1515.