Maxat, a television communications company owned by France Telecom, has launched its Bloomberg Information TV in France, Italy and Germany using Scientific-Atlanta’s digital video compression system.

      Bloomberg Information TV has a split-screen multimedia format that incorporates live broadcasts, radio programs, text information and scrolling market reports.

      Scientific-Atlanta’s system is used for digital conversion and transmission of edited and formatted program materials to businesses, banks and cable headends in the target countries.

      “The viewer’s appetite for more and more information has made Bloomberg TV’s split-screen format very popular,” said Sarah Williams, chief executive at Maxat.  “Using the latest PowerVu digital compression technology from Scientific-Atlanta provides us with a cost-effective method for placing up-to-the-minute news at Bloomberg’s viewers’ fingertips for personal and business use,” she added.

      For more information call Laurie Sillay Lahr of Scientific-Atlanta at (770) 903-6156.