A Fulton County delegation will meet with manufacturing and information technology companies when it goes to the IT Bangalore 2004 Conference in Bangalore, India, on Nov. 1-5, said Narsi Narasimhan, CEO of Norcross-based Paalam, Inc. and founder of Indian Professional Network.

Mr. Narasimhan told GlobalAtalanta last week the delegation’s planned visit was prompted by Pundi L. Narasimham, president of Alpharetta-based Software Technical Services Inc., who is encouraged by growing India-U.S. trade relations and believes that Fulton County could become a beachhead for Indian companies wanting to locate in Atlanta.

“This is a historic trip,” he said, because it is the first time that Fulton officials have traveled to India.

The delegation is to include Joseph Johnson, county director of economic development, County Commissioner Robb Pitts, Joyce Rhodes, assistant to Mr. Johnson and Harriett A. Thomas, Mr. Pitts’ chief of staff.

In addition to manning a booth at the conference, the officials will meet with small- to medium-sized companies considering expansion into the Southeast and, in particular, Fulton County, said Mr. Pitts, a strong supporter of the department’s office of international affairs.

For more information, contact Mr. Narasimhan at (770) 209-9700 ext. 225.