Georgia’s efforts to internationalize its schools may be hampered by a lack of funds, Linda Schrenko, state superintendent of schools, told members of the International Education Advisory Council at a meeting on Dec. 6.

Ms. Schrenko said she didn’t realize the importance of Georgia’s international education program until she traveled to Germany to visit one of the schools with which Georgia has an exchange program.  “They are studying our language, some 30 million of them…We aren’t keeping pace….It’s not good enough for us to go over there and expect them to speak English,” she said.

The program has been funded by a grant from the Lettie Pate Evans Foundation of Atlanta.  That money will run out this year.  Ms. Schrenko is looking for alternate sources of funding.

She said that she is considering appealing to the private sector for help.  She also has met with Chairman  John Godbee of the Georgia House Education Committee to discuss assistance from the legislature.

Whatever happens, said Ms. Schrenko, “this program is important enough to go forward on faith.  There will be money.”

For more information, call Marcia Spielberger of the Georgia Department of Education at (404) 656-2414.