As a senior officer in two companies with a presence in Atlanta and China, Dex Shi is seeking Georgia partners for both his enterprises to take advantage of China’s entrance into the World Trade Organization (WTO).

          Dr. Shi, managing director of GCG Technology Inc. and chairman of MEasy Communication Service Ltd., said small- to medium-sized Georgia companies in particular should be ready for China’s admission to the WTO.

“With membership in the WTO, China will have to open its markets, and the negotiation process for business contracts will be much quicker,” he told GlobalFax. “Large companies can survive the long negotiation process right now, but smaller companies cannot.”

GCG, which recently won a New Enterprise Award from the Resource Forum on Jan. 11 for its development of a coating solution that goes on air filters to control indoor organic toxins, is seeking partners here for investment, manufacturing and distribution of the product.

          The company has a joint venture with Bangjie Fine Chemicals Ltd. in Hebei province in China.

          He added that his other company, MEasy in Shanghai, is seeking investment to lay out and own fiber optic networks in small development zones around Shanghai.

          This Internet Provider and data/voice services company has formed an alliance with state-owned China Netcom, receiving permission to resell China Netcom’s telephony and communications services in certain zones in China.

          MEasy aims to follow AT&T’s lead in reselling state-owned telecom services in China. In December, AT&T finally won 25% ownership in Shanghai development zone’s network after six years of negotiation with China Telecom, the national telecommunications company. Dr. Shi believes admission to the WTO will serve to further open China’s market.

          Dr. Shi may be reached at (770) 518-4236 or