GE Energy, the Atlanta-based energy unit of General Electric Co., is making inroads with power grid technologies through partnerships in India and South Korea

In separate news releases, the company announced collaborations that will help modernize and improve efficiency of power grids in both Asian countries.

The Korea deal is a collaboration with NURI Telecom Ltd. to build so-called “smart-grid” technologies in Korea. Smart grids are electric power systems that use information technology to help consumers monitor and optimize the use of energy. 

For example, “smart meters” show how much electricity is being used and how much it costs, allowing consumers to adjust usage to match what they’re willing to spend.  Examples of smart-grid technologies also include charging stations for electric cars, methods to transmit renewable energies and other solutions.

The Korean government is testing such technologies in 6,000 homes on Jeju Island off the country’s southern coast. 

In India, a joint venture has selected GE’s technology to help reduce and manage power outages.

North Delhi Power Ltd., a partnership between Tata Power and the government of Delhi, provides electricity to 5 million people.  As India’s electricity demand increases, so will the potential for outages, according to a GE news release. 

The joint venture will employ PowerOn, a GE software program that helps utilities manage staff and predict and prevent outages as well as mitigate their length and impact if they do occur. 


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