Georgia will be well represented at the sixth annual Italian Farm Machinery Convention in Vail, Colo., Aug. 22-24. Organized by the Atlanta office of the Italian Trade Commission, the event will focus on strengthening ties and forging new relationships between Italy’s agricultural sector and America’s farm equipment wholesale network.

      Currently, Italy is the third leading supplier of agricultural machinery to the U.S., exporting over $330 million worth of farm machinery annually.

      Georgia companies that will be meeting with Italian manufacturers at the convention include the Henry Mitchum Equipment Co. of Perry, J Bar Corp. of Trion, Agricole International Inc. of Woodstock, Implement Sales Co. of Atlanta, and Lovett & Thorpe of Dublin.

      For more information about the Italian Trade Commission, please contact Alex Mussa, assistant trade commissioner, at (404) 525-0660 or fax (404) 525-5112.