Greece’s ambassador to the U.S., Loucas Tsilas, says that Georgia companies should consider his country as a springboard for doing business in much of where it enjoys significant influence.

      Mr. Tsilas, who spoke on Aug. 13 at the American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA) conference in Atlanta, in an interview cited several countries where Greece could help Georgia companies build trade relations.

      Among them are Albania, Bulgaria, Estonia and the former Yugoslavia, where Greece is a leading trading partner, Mr. Tsilas said. “We know the leaders, both political and business, and the geopolitics of their area,” he said.

      Therefore, he said, Greece could provide useful advice to help Georgia companies on how to do business in those areas.

      Ambassador Tsilas, who was Greek Consul from 1972-75 in New Orleans, which covered Atlanta then, suggested that Georgia companies should consider participating in trade missions to Greece.

      He also said that there have been discussions about launching joint Greek-American trade missions to the Balkan region.

      For more information, please call Greece’s Consul in Atlanta, Dimitris Macrynikolas, at (404) 261-3313 or fax (404) 262-2798.