Craig Lesser, the Georgia Department of Economic Development’s new commissioner, told the Atlanta chapter of the French American Chamber of Commerce last week that he would look at creating some type of trade office in France as business grows.

Citing 192 French companies with affiliate offices in Georgia that employ some 9,000 workers, Mr. Lesser said, “It’s been an extraordinary partnership and a relationship we’re committed to growing.”

Mr. Lesser appealed to chamber members to spread the word about Georgia’s benefits, which he said include excellent infrastructure, resources, business climate and quality of life.

C.G. Alexandrides, president of International Market Information System in Atlanta, told Mr. Lesser he appreciated the commissioner’s collaborative approach.

“You are the first commissioner to ask for our help,” Mr. Alexandrides said.

Afterward, Mr. Alexandrides suggested to GlobalAtlanta that Georgia could inexpensively extend its international reach where there is not a trade office by appointing members at foreign offices of Georgia-based companies as honorary trade representatives.

For more information, contact the French American Chamber at or (404) 846-2500.