A.D. Pete Correll, chairman and chief executive of Georgia-Pacific Corp., is urging that the government impose duties on imports of commodities.

      We’re going to have to promote some duties in this country, he said at a Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce-sponsored symposium of five top Atlanta CEOs.  We cannot become the dumping ground for everyone else.

      Mr. Correll’s comment came in answer to a question after he delivered a speech detailing how hard his forest products company is being hit by Asian countries that are trying to export their way out of their steep recessions.

      He noted that industries such as forest products and steel are major employers. We’ve got to defend more industries, he said. Both industries are beginning to experience layoffs.

      Due to currency devaluations, Asian producers can easily undercut prices that U.S. companies charge for pulp, paper and wood, Mr. Correll said.  For example, he said that Indonesia can produce pulp at one-fourth of Georgia-Pacific’s cost.