A new statewide program to teach Georgia students about the upcoming G8 Summit will help them learn about their role in the global economy, according to State Superintendent of Schools Kathy Cox.

The program, which includes a website and teachers kits, will be implemented at all Georgia public schools, as well as 300 American schools in other countries.

“This is a significant event not only for our state, but for the world,” said Ms. Cox. “These educational materials will help students across Georgia gain a deeper understanding of the economics and the interdependent nature of the world economy. The curriculum will also help students understand what makes Georgia unique as we share our state with the rest of the world.”

The program’s website, to debut in mid-April, will provide links to the G8 country sites to educate students about the world’s eight most influential nations. Teachers will be able to access lesson plans about issues related to the Summit, which is to take place June 8-10 in Sea Island. The site can be accessed through a link on the Sea Island Planning Organization website www.g8usa.gov.

The Georgia Council on Economic Education designed the program’s curriculum with help from the Georgia Department of Education. The website is being designed by the G8 Summit Planning Organization.

For more information, contact the G8 Summit Planning Organization at (202) 647-4804 or info@G8USA.gov.