Georgia State University’s Institute of International Business is helping the Egypt Export Association, a private group based in Cairo, to create a national export assistance center.  

     The university hopes to increase trade and intellectual exchange between Georgia and Egypt through the project, said Kamal El Sheshai, head of a joint MBA program with GSU and the University of Cairo.

Atlanta-based GSU began a series of seminars in Cairo this month and is drawing upon the expertise of the U.S. Export Assistance Center in Atlanta. USEAC international trade consultant, Job Dieleman, is currently in Cairo to speak on how to set up export operations.

In March, Charles Boyanton, international division head for University of Georgia’s Business Outreach Services, will travel to Egypt’s capital to speak on export finance.

 “One objective is to bring Egypt’s exporting skills up to speed, with some emphasis on trading with the U.S.,” said Dr. El Sheshai.

GSU would also like the project to strengthen its educational ties to Egypt and help it to develop a bio-technical initiative with that country and Israel, said Dr. El Sheshai. The university is planning to fund the exchange of bio-technical research and teachers with Middle Eastern institutions, he said.

      Georgia already has a strong connection with Egypt through Egyptian-owned Oriental Weavers, the top producer of throw rugs in the world that sells and exports its products through Dalton, said Dr. Sheshai. This state’s main exports to Egypt are peanuts and poultry-related products.   

Contact the GSU Institute of International Business at (404) 651-4057 or USEAC at (404) 657-1900.

      The World Trade Center Atlanta (WTCA) last month established the World Trade Education Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting international business.

      The foundation will hold networking programs based on doing business with featured countries, said Harold Bitler, head of the foundation and senior vice president of SunTrust Banks Inc.

      The events will include instruction on the selected country’s economy and exposure to its cuisine, art and music, Mr. Bitler told GlobalFax at the WTCA annual meeting last week. He added that the group would like to hear new ideas for events. 

      “We are looking for new program ideas that we could do in conjunction with other organizations, with corporations or alone, involving WTCA members or the community at large,” said Mr. Bitler. 

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