Leigh Miller for GlobalAtlanta
Georgia employers seeking college and technical school graduates with foreign language skills or specialized international business background may locate potential employees through a University System of Georgia online resume database.

Called GeorgiaHIRE, the newly expanded Web site allows employers to search potential job candidates’ resumes for 10 different criteria, including foreign languages skills and university or college degree categories, Kristie Couch, spokesperson for the University System, told GlobalAtlanta.

“If an employer wants to find someone who speaks Japanese, for example, they can type in ‘Japanese’ in the keyword search function on the Web site, and they will be able to view all candidates with Japanese mentioned in their resume,” she said.

The program was launched in 1999 in partnership with the University System of Georgia’s 35 public colleges and universities, plus 23 private institutions. The state’s 34 technical colleges also joined the program on Aug. 21.

Students or graduates wishing to use the system must first submit their resumes via their school’s career services offices. Every six months, resumes that have not been updated are archived, so employers view only candidates who are currently seeking employment, Ms. Couch said.

An average of 12,000 resumes can currently be viewed on the system in any given month, Ms. Couch said. With the participation of the technical schools, at least 1,500 additional resumes will be available immediately, and the schools are encouraging more students and graduates to submit their resumes to the system, she added.

To use the database search function, employers must first register with GeorgiaHIRE. They will be able to search the resume database within two business days, she said.

To register to use the free-of-charge GeorgiaHIRE system, visit www.GeorgiaHIRE.com. Employers may also post available jobs on the system for a fee.

GeorgiaHIRE is administered by the University System’s Office of Economic Development. Contact Ms. Couch at (404) 657-2511 for more information.