The Georgia Department of Agriculture is targeting Scandinavia as a market for the state’s fresh fruits, nuts and vegetables, said Andrés Villegas, director of the department’s Office of International Trade.

Mr. Villegas said the introduction of Georgia produce into the northern European countries could be based on a successful promotional project in Canada called “Go South,”

Vidalia onions, watermelons, carrots, cucumbers and pecans grown here could do well in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, which are accustomed to paying higher prices for produce and can only grow many fruits and vegetables in greenhouses, Mr. Villegas told GlobalFax.

The department hopes to have the same results in Scandinavia that it had in Canada with the implementation of a marketing campaign that increased sales of Georgia produce by 400% in that country.

The in-store promotional campaign, done in conjunction with other Southeastern states, urged Canadian grocery shoppers to buy Southeastern produce and “Go South,” he said.

Mr. Villegas added that the department, which is currently working through its office in Brussels to gauge interest and make trade connections, could arrange a trade mission by next year.

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