The Georgia Institute of Technology recently launched an initiative to better facilitate business networking among its alumni in Europe.

The Georgia Tech Europe Alumni Association is housed at the Georgia TechLorraine campus in Metz, France, which offers graduate level engineering programs to American and European students, as well as undergraduate summer programs.

According to Hans Puttgen, Georgia Tech-Lorraine president, the school awards approximately 100 graduate degrees a year to a student body that is 65% French and 25% American, with the remaining 10% hailing from 25 countries worldwide.

Many students, he told GlobalFax, continue to work in Europe following their graduation, highlighting the need for an alumni association that can provide European business contacts.

The organization helps to raise the profile of Georgia Tech and Georgia Tech-Lorraine in Europe, he said.

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El Banco de Nuestra Comunidad, a bank with branches in Roswell and Norcross, is helping Atlanta’s Latino immigrant population build credit histories as well as confidence in financial services.

The two-year old bank serves primarily Latino immigrants who have been in the United States less than five years and who speak Spanish as a first or only language, according to account executive Martin Fuentes.

One of the bank’s most important services is issuing tax identification numbers to customers so they may start to build credit histories, he said. The ID number also helps them to get returns on the federal and state income taxes they pay, something that many immigrants do not take advantage of, even though those taxes are taken out of their paychecks, he added.

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