The University of Bergen in Norway is joining the Georgia Institute of Technology as a sponsor of the second annual Digital Arts and Culture Conference (DAC ’99) to be held in Atlanta Oct. 28-30.

The Norwegian university’s support stems from the close relationship between its professor Espen Aarseth and Georgia Tech faculty who have worked closely together on multimedia programs.

DAC ’99 will bring together more than 100 scholars, artists and technologists from Europe, the Pacific Rim and the Americas.

Also among the attendees will be multimedia practitioners from the U.S., including scholars from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab, the Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute iEAR Studios and Georgia Tech’s Information Design and Technology Program and Graphics, Visualization and Usability Lab.

New media performances and digital art installations from events such as Brazil’s Sao Paolo Biennial, the Boston Cyberarts Festival and the Transmedia Festival in Berlin will be on display.

The conference also will feature more than 30 Web- or CD-ROM based projects representing new developments with networked culture, digital arts, interactive games, computer-manipulated photography and user-controlled storytelling engines.

Most conference events are to be held at the Georgia Center for Advanced Telecommunications (GCAT), and the adjacent studios of Georgia Public Broadcasting.

Registration for the three-day conference is available through Thursday, Oct. 28, at Rates are $125 for general admission; $50 students.  A one-day admission rate of $30 is available for the final day, Saturday, Oct. 30.