The Georgia Institute for Technology has launched a multifaceted “Korea initiative” in an effort to enhance the teaching of Korea-related subjects and reach out to the more than 76,000 Koreans identified in the Southeast by the 2000 Census.

          “When we discuss business in Asia, we need to know the political, social and security context,” said John Endicott, director of Georgia Tech’s Center for International Strategy, Technology and Policy (CISTP) at the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs.

          Dr. Endicott unveiled the initiative at a breakfast meeting of the Korea Southeast U.S. Chamber of Commerce (Korea SEUS) held at the Sam Nunn School last week.

He said that Atlanta companies would be encouraged to help finance the initiative, which would provide second and third generation Koreans an opportunity to learn about Korean political and cultural issues as well as connect Georgians and Georgia Tech alumni living in Korea with Korean companies there.

          The initiative is another step to strengthen the Sam Nunn School’s Northeast Asia program, which has been involved in an ongoing cooperative security conference.

          During the Nov. 7 meeting, Jung-pyo Cho, Korea’s consul general based in Atlanta, expressed his hope for continued positive business and personal relationships between Korea and the Southeast.

          Dr. Endicott may be reached at (404) 894-2000. To learn more about programs of the Korea SEUS chamber, call Phil Bolton, president, at (404) 377-7710.