Roberto Coeto, who served a 31-year career in the U.S. embassy in Mexico and has been a freelance trade advisor and interpreter since his retirement in 1990, will assume the position of Georgia’s trade representative for Mexico on Tuesday, Dec. 1.  Mr. Coeto, who is Mexican, is to replace Steven Rosenberg.

      As the trade representative of the Georgia Department of Industry, Trade and Tourism (GDITT) based in Mexico City, he will be responsible for market research and communications with Mexican businesses on behalf of Georgia companies.  He also will coordinate the logistics associated with trade missions.

      During a visit to Atlanta the week of Nov. 16, he told GlobalFax that Mexican companies should be interested in the products of a wide variety of Georgia companies.

He specifically mentioned Georgia’s high-tech sector as well as specialty manufacturers located in the state such as suppliers of equipment to the oil industry.  In addition, he encouraged Georgia companies to view Mexico as a gateway for their goods to Central America.

      Mr. Coeto also traveled to Dalton to meet with representatives of carpet manufacturers and to learn about their companies’ advanced technology.

      He may be reached by calling 52-5-591-0155; or sending a fax to 52-5-566-1115.  GDITT’s liaison to the overseas representatives is Paula Vaccariello who may be reached at (404) 657-1951; fax, (404) 657-1970 or send an e-mail to