The Munich-based brewery Paulaner announced last week during the visit of Gov. Zell Miller to the state of Bavaria in Germany that it would open its first U.S. brewpub in Atlanta in March of 1999.  The brewpub will be a joint venture of Paulaner and Lufthansa Airlines’ catering division, and will be the first foreign-owned brewpub to locate in Georgia.

      The law firm of Ruckel and Collegen invited Mr. Miller to meet with potential investors in Georgia at a luncheon in Munich during which Paulaner announced the Atlanta project.

      Christopher Ruckel, a partner in the Munich law firm, told GlobalFax during an interview here, that representatives from 25 different German companies attended the luncheon including Siemens, which already has a presence in Atlanta.  Ruckel and Gollegen has four attorneys in its Atlanta office.

      According to Dr. Ruckel, Paulaner officials gave Mr. Miller one of the brewery’s mugs and the governor promised to bring it to the opening in Atlanta. 

      Randy Cardoza, commissioner of the Georgia Department of Industry, Trade and Tourism (GDITT), accompanied Mr. Miller on the visit July 12-18.  Jim Blair of GDITT’s Brussels office joined them.

      For more information, Dr. Ruckel may be reached at (404) 266-1008; fax, (404) 266-0205.